There is no denying the facilities limitations and problems in quite a few of the District 200 buildings. Many of them have serious plumbing issues, HVAC problems, and leaking roofs. But these issues are matters of deferred maintenance –the district has not devoted the resources and funding over the years to keep them in proper condition.

Facilities neglect has been largely the result of a lack of fiscal planning by our school board and administrators, who have failed to adequately devote budget resources in order to keep our facilities in better operating condition. The board did approve a new policy addressing future maintenance needs by passing the Sherman-Durgis Plan. This plan calculates the amount of monies to be budgeted each year for future updates and projects to keep our facilities in better condition instead of going to the taxpayers with a massive referendum request.

During the summer of 2018, many of our schools had secured entrances installed to protect our students and staff.


My philosophy on public education’s curriculum is “traditional” and I hope we can revisit some of the basic skills that have been removed from public education in recent years. Tell me again why our students should not learn cursive handwriting, spelling, language(s), traditional arithmetic, and basic civic courses at the elementary school level?

A Focus on Students

District 200 teachers and staff work with compassionate students who earn high standardized test scores and graduate from high school at a rate that exceeds 90%. Many of our students go on to excel in higher education, finishing college with the academic tools necessary to succeed in the workplace and society. Our district is doing an excellent job educating our students, and the teachers, staff, administrators, and parents involved in this process deserve much credit.

I am running to try to do MORE for our district, to make it even better! I’m motivated by my own two “students” – twin daughters at Wheaton North High School. My focus is on students, high quality learning, and measurable outcomes.


Technology impacts all aspects of society, and exciting new technologies seem to be emerging on a daily basis. Education is no different – novel tools and resources in the digital age are resulting in rapid changes in the classroom. Our district needs to remain on the forefront of technology to aid in the improvement of student learning.

I believe these new technologies should be viewed with optimism and excitement, but I am also firmly committed to the basics – reading and writing (including cursive and spelling), for instance – and the rewards that come from hard work. Classroom innovations and new resources for learning should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis because there is often a large price tag that accompanies them, and their learning outcomes are sometimes not as clear as one might think.


CUSD200 teachers are excellent - 75% of our staff and teachers hold advanced degrees!  I support our teachers and applaud the work they do. We must work together to continue delivering exceptional student outcomes.  But we also must work together in a fiscally responsible way that respects the tax burden placed on homeowners.